Our Story

How it started…

Inspired by the joy and satisfaction of her own successful dog-sharing experience, our founder, Jeanette, started brainstorming ideas for a new pet app that could take dog-sharing to the masses.

She saw a growing need for reliable and safe pet care and an increase in people wanting to spend more time with animals, especially after covid and shutdowns. 

She put those two needs together and her idea slowly evolved into what Social Paws is today: an app that makes dog-sharing a reality for everyone!

How it’s going…

While Social Paws is primarily a dog-sharing app, it also doubles as a social app. It exists to unite communities and like-minded individuals around a common interest and goal.

And that goal is affordable and loving pet-care for those who need it AND more time spent with dogs for those who don’t have one. 

Dog-sharing works, plain and simple, and Social Paws facilitates the process so you can directly gain access to a community that wants to share dogs, within your very own neighborhood.

There are other dog care apps out there, but Social Paws is different in the following ways:


Instead of paying someone to watch their dog, Team Paws will be matched with someone who is wanting and willing to love and care for their dog in their own time for free! 


We offer community and relationship building, which is not a feature any other dog care app has currently. Through our experience, we encourage socialization and meetups, not only so dog-sharing can be a safe experience, but also so that we can foster a community built around love for dogs.


Compared to traditional dog sitting and doggy daycare services, which may have uncontrollable variables, Social Paws offers the opportunity to receive more personalized care by way of a social community.

Both Team Social and Team Paws are in more control of their experience by matching based on compatibility and then socializing in-person before dog-sharing. 

Dog owners feel empowered knowing the person giving their dog active care. And dog carers get to elevate their activities with the companionship of a dog. Learn more about our features on our FAQ page.


At the end of the day, what truly sets Social Paws apart is that this app is fueled by love for dogs. There is no monetary incentive to want to share dogs. We’re bringing people who love spending time with dogs together!

If you love what you’re hearing, join our pack to stay pupdated!