Social Paws, What’s next for our Dog-Sharing app?

Jeanette sits down with Caroline Blanchard on an episode of her podcast to talk about everything from Social Paws’ original inspiration, next steps for their app, why they’re only in NY and when they’re coming to Montreal, and the how Pamela Anderson borrowing a dog during her Broadway stint encourages us here at Social Paws that we are onto something real! Check out key points highlighted for you as you enjoy the video podcast interview! Also, check out Caroline Blanchard:, subscribe to her YouTube: and follow her Instagram: @simplymecaroline

Time Codes:
1:35: Jeanette shares the vision behind Social Paws
4:15: Jeanette’s experience with dog-sharing that inspired dog-sharing
8:45: will Social Paws end up being a DATING app??
9:15: Caroline can relate to sharing her dog with her own neighbor who misses her dog
10:20: why Social Paws is in NYC
12:00 the various use cases for dogs & the therapy they offer
15:00 The next step for Social Paws: perfecting our technology
21:30: the Pamela Anderson story that shows us Social Paws needs to exist!
24:00: final thoughts/ final ask: how to join the movement
29:15: more chatter about the usefulness of Social Paws and dog-sharing
31:20: promise to return at the end of 2023

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