9 Times out of 10, Dogs will your Improve Your Holidays! Leverage the power of dog-sharing, Start Now!

The power of dog-sharing during the holidays (Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc) is strong and teeming with possibilities to save money, spend more time with dogs, and increase holiday spirit and morale!

Team Paws, you have the opportunity to entrust your dog with someone who values dog-therapy and considers that payment enough vs boarding your pup in a facility and at a cost.

And Team Social, if you’re spending holidays on your own, planning an active holiday, or simply wanting to include a furry friend, you have the option to borrow a pup to include in your plans. In cities like NY, Social Paws is perfect for college students, foreigners, and those staying put by pairing them with those traveling and seeking boarding for their dogs.

Plus, if you’re needing a break from your family, dogs never want to talk politics with you over Thanksgiving dinner.

Studies show that 75% of Americans
need a break from family over the holidays. Take that break and spend time with a pup instead!

If this idea intrigues you, start working to find the best match now on Social Paws! Dog-sharing over the holidays is at the tail end of a dog-sharing relationship, so ideally, Team Social and Team Paws have already spent time engaged in shorter shares such as walks and playdates before elevating to a longer-term share that would replace dog-boarding.

The shorter, more frequent shares are what builds a relationship!

And that comes from real life experience. When Social Paws founder Jeanette shared her pup Luna, she went on the first walks with the two dog-obsessed brothers in her neighborhood to teach them how to walk Luna before allowing them to take the leash and walk her on their own. She allowed more sharing over time, graduating from walks to play dates to overnight stays.

Then, months later, when she found herself in need of a week of care for Luna while she traveled, it was natural for her to ask the boys first. And it was a great experience! The important note here is that by the time vacation boarding took place, Luna had been shared for hikes, day trips, and sleepovers – many happy shares had taken place. 

Paved the way for a long, holiday share!

So, it’s important to begin connecting with local dog-lovers sooner rather than later, and opening up the circle of care for our pups. We want you to think of moving through the steps of matching, messaging, and meeting as quickly as possible. The goal is [for Team Paws] to have a few folks who you’d trust with your pup or [for Team Social} to have. a few dogs who you’d love to hang with anytime.

Team Paws, our dog-owners open to sharing their dog’s love with others, and
Team Social, our dog-lovers w/o dogs open to spending time w/ others’ pups for free.

While there may not be an immediate need for boarding, simply begin building local connections to start helping one another in small ways and decreasing the time that our pups are alone. 

So hop onto Social Paws now and start moving through our process of matching, messaging, and meeting. Just like all relationships, dog-sharing communities take time to nurture.

Invest the time and energy that will pay dividends for humans and dogs in your neighborhood – and be the best thing during your next holiday!

Dog-sharing can be a great experience for everyone involved and we are always here to help you along the way and make your dog-sharing experience on Social Paws the BEST it can possibly be! So if you have any questions, shoot us an email or check out our FAQ’s!

Holiday dog-sharing

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