Enlighten 5 People about Dog-Sharing this Week!

We’re excited to see the response to Social Paws – we see new Team Paws and Team Social members every day. In case you’re not seeing as much activity as you would like, we want to remind you to help us spread the word! You are an active part of our growth and we encourage you to share the news to make dog-sharing a reality!

We want to dispel any myths (though we appreciate it!) that we are a fancy company with an agency helping us create newsletters and market our app to the millions of dog-lovers of the world.

We met some amazing dog-lovin’ people at our last pack walk!

The reality is: we are a group of dog-loving individuals and our marketing efforts are run by our founder, creative director, and SEO expert on the Social Paws team – three women, doing it ourselves, through Flodesk, Canva, and WordPress. 

Currently, Social Paws is downloadable wherever people download their apps, with Apple and Google Play access. And the more people we have on our app, the more that connections will be made. More people at the pawty increases the success of the pawty!

Downloadable on iOS. Android, coming soon!

So remember: we are a startup doing it on our own: from fliering, to pack walks, to local pawtnerships. And you are an extension of our marketing efforts— you are an ambassador! So if you see the potential in dog-sharing and how it could make a difference, spread the word. Sharing a dog is a proven way to build local friendships and community and you stand to get free dog-care or dog-therapy through it — just spread the word a little!

Hello, nice to meet you, have you heard of Social Paws?

So go out and tell the world! Or at least some pawsome dogs and humans in your neighborhood that you think might love it or that you’d like to get to know better!

Here are some great lines to get started:

  • “Your dog’s so cute, have you heard of Social Paws? They’re a dog-sharing app that will connect you with people like me who love dogs and don’t have one.” 
  • “I would totally walk your dog – for free! – or take care of him/her when I work from home ½ the time. We can connect on Social Paws.”
  • “If you want to download it now—I’m happy to help you find it. “
  • “You create a profile under Team Paws/ Team Social and look for me!” 

We are hosting events that you can attend and to which you can invite others.
We have fliers and cards that we can mail to you to share in your building and neighborhood – connect with us to get some! 
And we love local pawtnerships, so connect us with relevant communities. 

We believe this is totally pawsible! We just want to let you know explicitly so that you don’t need to wonder or be shy about it. If you love our idea, let others know. 

We can’t wait to bring more dogs and humans together!

And lastly, thank you for being the best part of our community! We can’t wait to spend even more time getting to know each and every one of you, we are so humbled already by the great response from dog-lovers in our community, and we are inspired more than ever to make dog-sharing a reality for everyone!

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