Upgrade Your Run With a Four-Legged Pacer to Have the Best Runs Ever!

With the NYC marathon still in the air, our hearts [and legs] go out to all of the runners who had the time of their lives this past Sunday! Did you know? – that Social Paws originally began as a dog-running app concept? Yep! And even tho it’s evolved, we still want to connect runners with active dogs through Social Paws! Here’s how…

Our founder, Jeanette, for all intents and purposes, is a runner. She has competed in foot races, obstacle races, and a full-course ironman. Jeanette has run alone, with buddies, and with clubs. And then, she fostered Luna and was introduced to the unique joy of running with a pup!

Running w/ her new cocker spaniel wasn’t just faster, it was funner. Luna inspired smiles and looks of adoration as onlookers would glimpse her dangling tongue, flopping ears, and bobbing tush. She was just a furball of energy and cuteness. 

“Luna inspired me to run more often and made all of my runs ‘fun runs’,” -Jeanette.

The speedy canine had a similar healthy impact on the family who shared her. The two neighborhood brothers scootered more, spent more time outside, and their mom claimed that she “ran faster and with better posture,” when challenged by Luna’s pace!

Dogs on the run

In launching Social Paws, we want to give more people the opportunity to “upgrade their runs and walks” with a four-legged pacer! We know that many dog-owners have active dogs that need more activity and many runners would love the increased fun and even security [hello, night runs!] of running with a pup.

The Social Paws platform specifies “fitness” as an option in creating profiles and in filtering. So, we build in the idea that Team Paws can share their dog for fitness activities and that Team Social can look for a furry fitness companion. Additionally, we encourage users to share in their profiles specifics about types of fitness activities they want to share ie: hikes, runs, walks, etc.

And then, once you’re ready, running belt secured, here are some free pro tips!

Take charge of the run/ keep your core engaged
Dogs are great runners, but they’re also easily distracted by squirrels and take sudden bathroom breaks, so be prepared! 

Stay present/ less phones
If you decide to bring your phone with you, keep it out of your hands with an arm band, a snug pocket, or one of those new phone-holding-sports-bras.

Stay right, Pass left
Run steadily in a predictable straight path and whenever you want to stop or turn off, please look first!

Stay watchful of your pup
Repeated signs of fatigue [dangling tongue, slowing down, expression] mean it’s time to walk and stop for a drink of water. Running and walking in intervals is a great idea as well.

Running is not for every buddy. 
Certain breeds, older dogs, and dogs with conditions won’t benefit from running. Experiment safely and consider consulting their vet or owner. Run when the weather is comfortable, with nutrition and hydration in your systems, and increase run intensity gradually. 

Have fun!
Runs become exponentially more fun with a wagging tail and dangling tongue by your side. If this doesn’t get you smiling, then the smiles and laughs of passers by might. It’s truly a good time for everyone, so soak it in!

Dogs running

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