Dog-Sharing is in! 7 Reasons to start dog-sharing now

There are many benefits to dog-sharing for all paw-ties involved! Let’s break them down:

Do you love dogs? Dog-Sharing with others helps you receive dog-care – for free!

Team Paws

Free Time 

Of course you love your dog… but let’s be real, sometimes we need to get some work done to provide our fur-babies with the lives they deserve! Mainstream options such as doggy daycares and day sitters can be expensive, averaging out to be anywhere from $12-$38 dollars a day. It can also be hard to know for sure that your dog is getting individualized attention and care, as daycares can be overcrowded and sitters often accept multiple dogs at a time. 

With Social Paws, you can share your dog with someone who loves them as much as you do and wants to spend time with them, so much so that they’ll do it for free! 

Dog-Sharing Provides More Exercise and Stimulation for Your Pet

Dogs require a certain amount of exercise and mental stimulation to remain happy and healthy. Some high energy dog breeds need up to 2 hours of exercise every single day! Those hours can really add up, and sometimes it’s hard to give our dogs all that they require on top of our busy human schedules. 

Dog-sharing is a great way to get your dog more mental and physical stimulation in their lives, by meeting new people, sniffing new smells, and going on runs or walks with Team Social. 

The result is a happy, healthy, and tired dog. 

adult beagle exercising
Exercise=happy dog

Stress-Free Travel

We can’t promise that your travel will be completely stress-free, but Social Paws does help take the stress out of finding care for your dog while you’re gone. 

The days of stressing to find the perfect sitter or situation for your dog while you travel are gone. Social Paws connects you with people who would love to spend time with your dog, simply because they love dogs! 

Once you find the perfect fit for you and your dog via our app, you don’t have to feel guilty about your furbaby next time you need to take a getaway for yourself or a work trip. 

Team Social

Spending Time with Dogs! 

You wouldn’t be interested in dog-sharing if you weren’t a lover of dogs. If you have a busy work schedule or your lifestyle isn’t fit for a pup of your own, dog-sharing could be the perfect in between of spending time with a dog you love and full time pet parenthood. 

There aren’t many options that exist for dog lovers who don’t own dogs to hang out with them on a regular basis. That’s how Social Paws stands out, you get to hang out with a dog when it works for your schedule, without even having to leave the comfort of your own neighborhood. 

Elevated Exercise 

Walking or running with a furry friend who will keep you company and push you is one of the biggest motivators. They need the exercise and won’t stop until they are satisfied, potentially pushing you to break through your own mental wall when it comes to exercise! 

If rigorous exercise isn’t your thing—no problem. With Social Paws, there will potentially be many dogs in your own neighborhood who would fit your desire for a leisurely walk or stroll in the park. 

Whether it be marathon training or a relaxing afternoon in the fresh air, I think we can all agree that walking with a companion is better than walking alone, and dog-sharing can fit that need!  

Mental Health

It’s been studied and proven that dogs have a positive impact on our mental health, going so far as to drastically reduce loneliness and depression through the therapeutic bond humans specifically share with dogs. 

We want to spread that love and joy to other people who might not get to experience a bond with a pup of their own for one reason or another. 

With Social Paws, dog-lovers can form bonds and experience the love of dogs, without all of the responsibilities of full-time ownership. Which gives Team Social the opportunity to experience the mental health benefits that come with spending time with dogs, which in turn could provide massive benefits to their lives. Who knew a concept such as dog-sharing could help people just as much!

It’s a win-win-win! 

dogs improve mental health!
Happiness for you AND your dog

For Both Team Paws and Team Social

Join a Community of Dog Lovers

The goal is to build a community of dog lovers that make dog-parenting a bit easier. Social Paws is as much a social app as it is a dog-sharing app. It enables you to meet people who love your dog as much as you do, and maybe even form lifelong friendships.
The phrase “it takes a village” can apply to raising up our pups as well after all!

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dog-sharing community
Meet new people who also love dogs!

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