Dog-Sharing Success Story: How I saved $5,000 in One Year

My very own dog-sharing success story started in 2020. Dog adoptions increased by 11% during the pandemic. Hence why I struggled to adopt or foster my own when I decided to jump on that bandwagon. However, a neighbor in my building connected me with someone who wanted temporary help — just for one year — and I leaned into it. 

Finally and suddenly, I was a dog momma, getting to know a 1 year old cocker spaniel who warmed up to me and charmed me from day one. Even as I write this, I tear up because she loved me, and I fell hard for her, from her paws to her rump to her bark to her nibbles. I love Luna. Luna IS the love of my life. And everyone who knows, knows.

Me and Luna sharing a bite soon after I took her home.

And a funny thing happened. Life, and all of its surprise obstacles, collided with people and their love for dogs. As I brought Luna with me everywhere, friends fell for her too.

80 walks – $2000 saved

One of my neighbors was fielding the pleas of her two dog-obsessed teenage sons who, while attending virtual school, wanted a dog more than ever. She, a single momma, was determined NOT to add more responsibility to her plate. 

Love at first sight

At the same time, gyms opened up and I found myself thrust into a full-time work schedule. We saw an opportunity to improve both our situations, and after a few trials and conversations, her sons were picking up Luna every day after school and keeping her until I returned from work that evening. 

I went from watching Luna sit alone at home via my doggy cam to receiving a constant and gleeful feed of Luna being loved and played with every. damn. day. Ecstatic, grateful, and at peace are some of the feelings that I had. This continued for 4 months and Luna truly became their dog too. 

Luna couldn’t wait to see her new friends!

30 dog sits – $1500 saved

Luna’s sharing family would bring her everywhere they could, and one fateful day, she won the hearts of another couple. Sebastian loved taking long 1-2 hour walks and he also had a wife who often traveled. They loved dogs but weren’t allowed to have any in their apartment. Sebastian took Luna on a walk one day and soon began offering to spend time with her.

Sebastian on one of his many long walks with Luna

This resulted in him dropping by to pick Luna up while I was out of the apartment for long stretches, taking Luna for weekends when his wife was away, and simply enjoying her company when he was working from home or taking a walk. 

Sebastian and Luna formed a very special bond, with her waiting for him outside of the bathroom door while he showered and him taking some of the most captivating photos of her. 

Just one of the many captivating photos Sebastian took of Luna! More Below.

4 weeks of dog boarding $1350 saved

It was incredible to realize that Luna fully loved these families and they fully loved her. This is when I knew I was creating my own dog-sharing success story.

Most of the time, I found myself granting their requests to spend time with Luna. But then came the time when I needed them, and they stepped up.  I was planning to be on crutches for 2-3 weeks post foot surgery. I took off from work, scheduled a post -hospital escort, and called on Luna’s new families to commit to caring for her. 

Another picture of Luna content and at peace with Sebastian

We made all of the arrangements and as the weeks passed and I healed, Luna was well cared for. Before I knew it, I was better and able to take her back, and everyone had collectively helped me to save on the potential cost of 2-3 weeks of dog boarding.

Months later, as I was planning to go away for a week, I asked for the same favor and again, between Luna’s now two sharing families, they were able to fully care for her and I was never taxed with sending her to doggy daycare. 

Luna would always wait for Sebastian at the top of the stairs, perfect for a photo op!

Additionally, I knew she was giving them joy and she was receiving active and personal time and attention. The constant flow of content of my own dog having a great time was the stuff every dog owner dreams of! 

When I do the math, I saved $5,000 in dog-care. 

And when I look at the intangibles, I believe that I redefined caring for my dog from being an expense for myself, to being a gift to others who were eager to have her “be theirs” for a day. Instead of adding her to the roster at a doggy day-care, I added to the lives of my now friends. 

Luna’s “extended family” couldn’t wait to spend time with her!

What unique circumstances enabled this to happen? 

  1.  I was comfortable sharing my dog. 
  2. And I was comfortable asking for help. 

But also: 

  1. I wasn’t friends with these families before this
  2. Things weren’t perfect – we communicated and worked together through some of Luna’s tummy troubles, bathroom accidents, and aggressive incidents. 

In the end, we all discovered and took part in something wonderful. And I believe that this can be re-created and scaled for you and all of the dog-owners and dog-lovers who are interested in joining a dog sharing and caring community paradigm. 

Let’s get together and share the love of dogs, You can create your own dog-sharing success story. Find out more about us on our about page

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