Dog-Share is here! Introducing Social Paws. Improve You and Your Dog’s Life 9 times out of 10

Are you ready to Dog-Share? Welcome to Social Paws and to our first blog in a series meant to heighten your experience with dog-sharing, and maybe even provide some helpful insight to owners along the way.   We’re glad you’re here! 

Maybe you’ve already read a bit about our origin story on our About Section, but we want to dive a little bit deeper into our background, to provide context to our mission: To share the love of dogs. 

So … Where did the idea for a dog-sharing app first come from? It was completely organic and came about from real world experiences.  

Our founder, Jeanette first had the idea in May of 2021 after a successful and impromptu dog-sharing experience of her own. She was watching Luna, an adorable cocker spaniel at the heart of this story, while Luna’s mother navigated through tough life transitions that made caring for a dog difficult. 

During this time, Jeanette started bringing Luna with her to the workout classes she taught. Luna was such a hit with the members of Jeanette’s workout classes, that they asked Jeanette if they could spend some more time with Luna in their daily lives. Luna was then shared with this loving community, spent time with a couple different families, and was walked, played with, cuddled, and loved by everyone. 

Dog-sharing ended up being the best possible scenario for both Jeanette and Luna while Luna’s original mother got back on her feet (not to mention all the people whose lives Luna touched and improved). 

Social Paws: A new way to dog-share

How Did We Come Up With The Idea to Make an App to Help People Dog-Share?

Jeanette started dreaming of a platform that would make it easy and accessible for people to make dog-sharing a reality in their own lives, to use when they needed it and to spread the love of dogs to other people. 

She began to gather a team who believed in the idea. During the early stages, several people reached out and expressed interest in dog-sharing, but they didn’t know where to start or how to get connected to like-minded individuals who would be willing to share. 

We felt encouraged to bring this idea and community to life through these testimonials of friends and family who felt that this app could add value not only to their lives, but to whole communities of people as well. After all, pet sitters are expensive!

So, after over a year of brainstorming, doubt, questions, and hard work, Social Paws came to fruition. Ready to start your dog-share experience?

Luna was always around to keep us in check

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