Dog-lovers Unite!

Social Paws is the most comprehensive dog-community in Manhattan as we include NON-owners! All who love dogs get to be a part of our community of dog-care, information, and support!

Join now, introduce yourself, and discover how Social Paws can make a pawsitive impact right away!

Sniff. Socialize. Share.

Social Paws helps dog-lovers dog-share through several distinct phases. You’ll match with other profiles, message in-app, and then meet for in-person dog walks. Eventually, you’ll share the love of dogs! Social Paws is the platform to make all this pawsible. Dive into the details in our FAQs.

How It Works

Curious about how we facilitate the dog-sharing experience? Unsure how to get started on the app? Don’t get your collar in a twist! We will show you the Social Paws way!

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